Suggested School Supplies

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    Suggested School Suppplies for 2018-2019 school year 

    Listed below are basic supplies for all grades.  Grade/team/subject specific items may be requested after school starts.
    If your child is enrolled in a Physical Education (PE) class - cost for uniforms is $20.00 (price subject to change) 
    Basic Supplies
    1 3-ring binder (2 inch max) (will be kept in class)
    1 pack of dividers 
    5 plastic pocket folders with 3-prongs (multi colors)
    5 composition books
    2 packs college ruled notebook paper
    1 pack of highlighters (multi colors)
    1 box black/blue pens
    2 purple pens

    1 pack color pencils (12)


    1 box #2 pencils (with erasers)
    1 hand held sharpener with cover