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    The Food and Nutrition Services department is pleased to announce Universal Free Breakfast will continue to be available for the 2018-19 school year.  All students, regardless of eligibility status, will have the opportunity to participate in the breakfast meal program at no charge.  The price for an adult breakfast meal will remain $1.80.  
    The current lunch meal prices for students and adults will remain the same for the 2018–19 school year.  The current meal prices are listed below:

      Breakfast Price Lunch Price
    Elementary FREE $2.00
    Middle FREE $2.35
    High FREE $2.50
    Adult $1.80 $2.75

    In addition, all grade level students eligible for reduced meal prices will continue to pay the current meal prices as: Breakfast Meal Price FREE  /   Lunch Meal Price $0.40
    The current cost of $0.50 for a pint of milk and $0.65 for ice cream will remain the same.
    All families are encouraged to complete the on-line Multi-Child Application for Meal Benefits at  If you have any questions or need additional information regarding the on-line meal application please contact the Food and Nutrition Services department at 754-321-0250. Students with financial need are strongly encouraged to apply for free/reduced lunch.

    Eligibility for free/reduced lunch has benefits beyond the cafeteria! Free SAT, ACT, NCAA Clearinghouse registration and college application fee waivers are also available for juniors and seniors eligible for free/reduced lunch! Students may waive the registration fees for 2 SATs and 2 ACTs while they are in high school. Once they've registered for these tests using fee waivers, they will also be eligible to receive up to eight college application fee waivers and to register for the NCAA Clearinghouse for free. Waivers are available to juniors and seniors only in the BRACE office in Upper MS.

    For more information about fee waivers, college admissions, scholarships and financial aid visit the NovaBRACE website at, or click on "Guidance" on the Nova High homepage. Nova High School's BRACE Advisor, Pam Kirtman can be reached at 754-323-1726. Mrs. Kirtman is on campus Tuesday-Thursday from 9:00 AM until 3:40 PM.

    Electronic Payment Meal Account

    You can now add money to your child’s school meal accounts via the Internet using This web site accepts Master Card and Visa Credit Cards for payment into student meal accounts.