To Report Absences: 754-321-5300. Absences must be called in within 48 hours

    For academic success, students need to be in school!  Excessive absences (excused or unexcused) are considered a pattern of non-attendance which triggers various school and district interventions. 

    Non-attendance is established by an accumulation of:

    • Tardiness
    • Early sign-outs
    • Excused or unexcused absences (for all or part of the day)

    If a student is absent more than five days in a marking period, interventions automatically occur.  See the online 2019-2020 Code of Student Conduct for more details. 

    If the school determines that a student’s absences are excessive, and a “pattern of non-attendance” has been established, the family will:

    1. Receive an Attendance letter
    2. Be referred to the school’s Child Study Team
    3. Be referred to the School Social Worker
    4. The District automatically reports students in this category to the state

    Consequences for Non-Attendance:

    • Academic failure
    • Attendance Contract
    • Removal from magnet program
    • Suspension of Driver’s License
    • Possible loss of state and federal assistance grants

    Please Note:
    Students are dismissed at 1:50 PM.  Please schedule all appointments after school hours.
    Students shall not be released after 1:20, within the final 30 minutes of the school day.
    Family vacations that cause students to miss valuable class time are strongly discouraged.

    To Report Absences: 754-321-5300. Absences must be called in within 48 hours

    • the day before
    • the day of
    • or within two school days following the absence

    The complete Attendance Policy may be accessed on the School Board website under Parent Information.