• School Information

    District Name: Broward Superintendent: Robert W. Runcie
    School Name: Western HS (2831) Principal: Jimmy Arrojo
    School Year 2014 - 2015    
    School Advisory Council Chair: Helene Kocis Inservice Facilitator: Helene Anna Kocis
    The School Improvement Plan is an integral part of an individual school’s continuous improvement process. Annually, each school creates a new plan or reviews/revises an existing plan as appropriate to meet the needs of student achievement.

    District Vision:

    Educating today's students to succeed in tomorrow's world.

    District Mission:

    Broward County Public Schools is committed to educating all students to reach their highest potential.

    2) Socio-Economic Status (SES) Band Data

    Points Earned Rank within SES Band Points to Next School in SES Band Points to Bridge Half the Gap to the Top of SES Band Points to Reach Top of SES Band
    558 22 of 73 5 108 215

    3) Beyond Expected Student Targets (BEST)

      1. What are top schools in our socioeconomic band doing that our school is not doing, or is not doing as well?

        When examining the characteristics of schools within our socio-economic band, there were similarities and differences.   The schools,  most of which were magnet programs or technical schools, varied in size from 600 to 3200. Western is an open access public education facility with no acceptance criteria and large student population. The schools that are above us in our socioeconomic band seem to be doing better with the lower 25% in Math gains and having better success with remediating their retake population to pass the exams.

      1. Which BEST Practice are we scaling-up at our school to assure our school is the BEST performing school in our socioeconomic band?

        Promote all students to take the most rigorous program possible. Providing all student access to advance level courses, We also offer two Broward County Public School innovative programs; STEM and Institute of Geospatial Studies. Innovative programs are schools that provide unique or thematic instruction to attract and maintain home boundary student enrollment. We are working on the math gains for the low 25%. We are focusing in on our ELL population with the creation of and ELL Resource Room. We also have created double block math classes and creating additional sections for next year. The implementation of Professional Learning Communities to unwrap the New Florida Standards, create common assessments and analyze student data.

    4) Instructional Implications

    Provide a rationale as to why academic improvements have/have not occurred. Discuss the success of specific strategies/activities.

    SES Band Data

    Afternoon tutoring sessions and boot camps to help students to prepare for assessments,
    Use of common assessment to analyze student data and adjust curriculum to meet student’s needs.
    Use of PLCs to collaborate and brainstorm ways to remediate students, provide enrichment opportunities and share best practices. Student work samples were reviewed and discussed at regularly scheduled PLC
    AP review sessions offered by the school and on the county level.
    Reading teachers maintained data binders and conducted class-wide and individual student data chats.
    Reading teachers monitored student progress in EDGE A, B, and C Reading classes through common formative assessments and the FAIR test.
     Over a 6 week period, the Reading Coach implemented FCAT 2.0 Reading presentations to each 9th and 10th grade Intensive Reading class, and conducted individual student data chats with the 9th and 10th grade Intensive Reading students.
    Reading and writing plans were implemented by content area teachers.  The plans addressed the Reading reporting categories of Vocabulary, Reading Application, and Informational Text/Research Process (particular emphasis was placed on having students analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information from the reading passages).
    Poor attendance amongst our struggling students.
    Cellphones cause a major disruption to the learning environmental and a distraction to students.
    School and district services for ESE and ELL students were lacking/limited for ESE and ELL students that were placed in intensive reading classes.
    Changes in curriculum and a lack of information from the state.
    Lack of prep time for teachers.

    5) Monitoring Timeline

    Describe the action plan including strategies, instruction and/or school improvement activities that the school will implement to ensure student achievement.

    SES Band Data Strategies and Activities to Increase Student Achievement Person Responsible Deadline Results 
    (Completed at Deadline date)
    SES Band Data PLCs Assistant Principal 05/29/2015  
    SES Band Data Bootcamp Reports SAC 05/29/2015  
    SES Band Data Classroom walk-throughs Assistant Principal 05/29/2015  

    6) Accreditation

    Self-Assessment Ratings
    Accreditation Standard Overall Rating
    Purpose and Direction 3.33
    Governance and Leadership 3.67
    Teaching and Assessing for Learning 3
    Resources and Support Systems 3
    Using Results for Continuous Improvement 2.8

    Explain the activities in which your school will participate to increase your overall rating. Include specific details. (For information on accreditation standards and supporting indicators click here)