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    Late Arrivals

    Students arriving after the 8:05 school bell must signed-in with a parent or guardian at the Student Affairs office (located at the main entrance). Students arriving late without a parent are to report to lockout in order to receive an unexcused tardy pass. Students who do not sign in will receive consequences in accordance with the BCPS Discipline Matrix. Only those individuals listed on the emergency card filled out at the beginning of school may accompany the student to excuse the student's tardy.

    • First Period tardy: (unexcused)
      • Must report to lockout (Cafeteria)
      • Students will be able to makeup assignments with an excused or unexcused tardy
    • Second to seventh period unexcused tardy:
      • All students report to lockout in room 139 for a tardy pass to go to class.
      • Any tardy exceeding 10 minutes after the bell will result in the student remaining in lockout for the duration of the class period.

    **Students are only permitted to sign themselves in if they are providing a note from a physician**