Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.




    Instill values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.


    Community Service


    Community service is a major part of the cadet experience and helps instill a sense of civic pride and citizenship.  Each year, as a cadet corps, cadets contribute over 3,000 hours of community service.



    Major (Retired) Glenwood M. Barbee

    E-mail:  glenwood.barbee@browardschools.com


    SMSgt (Retired) William Ethridge

    E-mail:  william.ethridge@browardschools.com

    Benefits of Membership:


    Service Hour Opportunities

    AFROTC Scholarships

    Air Force Enlistment CHAPA Letter

    Advanced rank for completing 3 plus years of JROTC

    Leadership training and experience


    Officers (2020-2021 SY)


    C/Lieutenant Colonel Samiya Soutien – Cadet Group Commander

    C/Major Erik Cooper – Cadet Group Deputy Commander

    C/Major Timothy Kutsar – Cadet Group Inspector General

    C/Major Karla Cabrera-Martinez – Cadet Group Executive Officer

    C/First Lieutenant Andrea Pineda – Cadet Operations Squadron Commander

    C/Major Samantha Velez – Cadet Mission Support Squadron Commander

    C/Captain Miguel Gimenez – Cadet Logistics Squadron Commander

    C/Captain Leslie Santiago – Cadet Special Projects Officer

    C/Captain Melanie McKay – Cadet Financial Comptroller