• This program will provide dance experiences for all students; identifies students who display a talent and/or aptitude in dance, provides opportunities for students to explore various forms of dance and physical movement in an appropriate studio setting, and provides instruction during school and at all stage productions on and off campus.

    Students in the dance program will demonstrate an understanding and use of dance terminology, demonstrate control of body balance and correct alignment, be able to move freely with flexibility and agility within a wide range of movement, improve their own strength and physical conditioning and demonstrate proficiently the techniques of the basic movements of dance.

    The styles of dance to be learned are ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and character dance.

    Denyse Murguia

    Denyse Muguia debuted her dance career at the age of eleven in Rome, Italy. Since then she has performed, taught masterclasses and choreographed internationally. Her choreography has won national awards. She has her dance education degree from Webster University and has taught in the Broward County school system for over nineteen years. She currently teaches at Parkway Middle School of the Arts and is ballet mistress for the MJM Dance Company.

    Nancy Nussbaum

    M.Ed., Dance Education. Wayne State University, Detroit, Mi. 1977
    Master Thesis: The Growth and Development of the Modern Dance Curriculum in the Detroit Public Schools, 1929-1965.
    B.S., Physical Education-Dance Major. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 1969

    Florida Professional Teaching Certificate

    Instructional Experience
    Dance Teacher. Murray-Wright High School, Detroit Michigan. Detroit Board of Education. 1971-1974
    Dance and Science Teacher. Myer Levin Junior High School, Brooklyn, New York. New York City Board of Education. 1983-1989
    Dance Teacher. Deerfield Park Elementary School, Deerfield Beach, FL. Broward County School Board.
    Dance Teacher. Parkway Middle School of the Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Broward County School Board.