Art Club


    splatter paint


    “Creative Dolphins”


     Art Club gives students who truly enjoy the visual arts the opportunity to receive extra art instruction after school, one day a week. Also, when needed, the students will be involved in promoting SPE events by creating posters, stage decorations and other artistic endeavors. Being part of the Art Club is a creative and rewarding experience for your child.

    Art Club is offered to only 4th and 5th grade students, maximum of 18 students.

    Criteria for Art Club Members:

    ·         Produce two pieces of original art work, which will be explained in a letter for interested students.

    ·         Make a commitment of time and energy.

    ·         Work cooperatively with others.

    ·         Show exemplary behavior. (No 3’s on report card)

    ·         Must be picked up on time.

    ·         Parent or guardian of student must sign an Art Club contract.

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