Safety Patrol


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                                                 Silver Palm’s Safety Patrols

                Silver Palm’s Safety Patrols are Fifth Graders that are committed to enhancing the safety of our students. Participating in this program provides the students with a chance to serve as a leader. The members should demonstrate leadership, maturity, reliability, ability to follow rules, punctuality, attendance, respect, and a desire to help others. Their job is that of a role model for all the students. Patrols assist students as they transition throughout the school, assist staff members and participate in projects that will help the school and the community.

                Patrols are selected towards the last quarter of 4th grade by their teacher. Safety Patrol students must exhibit high academic standards (Principal and A/B Honor Roll), commitment, sense of responsibility and a positive attitude towards their peers and school staff. These standards must be maintained in 5th grade to continue in the program.