• 11/07/2018 - Silver Knights

    Attention Seniors!  The process for becoming a Silver Knight has begun!  Would you like to be part of an elite group of students recognized for their service?  The Silver Knight Awards is like the "Emmys" of High School for seniors with an extravagant ceremony and financial rewards!  If you feel you have what it takes or you would just like to know more info about Silver Knights, come to P31 on FridayNovember 16th at 8:45 for an important meeting!  E-mail Mr. Arnoux if you're interested but cannot make it -- d.arnoux@browardschools.com


    10/29/18 - Mandatory Student ID Badges 

    For safety and security reasons, all students are required to have a visible ID badge as a part of our school dress code procedures. Beginning November 5, 2018, students who are not wearing their school ID will be subject to disciplinary action. Please contact your study hall teacher, or Ms. Debacher in T-19 if you need a school ID.


    9/18/18 - Homecoming Dance 

    The Homecoming Dance will be held on October 13, 2018 in the gymnasium. See the "Activities" tab on the main page to access the permission slip. The "Date Approval Form" must be submitted by the deadline if you wish to bring a student who does not attend Nova High. 


    9/10/18 - Construction on Nova Drive 

    The scope of work consists of widening the existing multi-lane road configuration throughout the corridor to accommodate a combination of shared and designated bike lanes, intermittent landscape medians, turn lanes and the construction of a traffic roundabout 200’ west of SW 71st Terrace together with the expansion to a four lane divided section with landscape medians from Davie Road to College Avenue. Existing drainage facilities will be modified and new drainage facilities will be added. New sidewalks, curbing, curb ramps, roadway lighting, landscaping with irrigation, new signalization, as well as road construction, milling, resurfacing, and new pavement markings and signage will be constructed. The work will take place from September 2018 to November 2019.


    8/24/18 - Security at Football Games

    Please be advised of the following reminders and changes to security protocols for the 18-19 school year:

              Spectator/Every Gate Security Check:

    • Ticket Required, no re-admittance. If someone leaves, they cannot return.
    • Large bags and book bags are NOT permitted inside athletic events.  
    • Only clear bags or small handbags no larger than 12” x 12” are permitted.
    • Diaper bags will be searched before being allowed inside the stadium.
    • No tickets will be sold after the start of the 4th quarter.

      Attendance/Entrance/Exit Requirements:

    • Students who plan on attending an evening home game must depart campus by 4:50 PM and cannot return until 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.  
    • Students who re-enter campus are not permitted to linger unsupervised.
    • Students are reminded that supervision ends 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game.
    • Coaches are responsible for monitoring student athletes at the conclusion of the game.


    These are expectations that must be followed per district policy. Thank you for your cooperation.


    8/24/18 - Before and After Care 

    • Please visit the 'Students and Parents' tab to review the before and after school programs that are now available to Nova High School students. 


    8/16/18 - Urgent Change in Parent Pick-up Procedure 

    • Effective August 15, 2018, all perimeter gates will remain locked.
    • The front gate will open no earlier than 8:50 AM for student drop-off, and no earlier than 4:15 PM for student pick-up.
    • Students who are participating in extra-curricular activities after school must be accompanied by their teacher/coach 
    • All other students must exit campus within 30 minutes of dismissal 
    • For safety reasons, and Per School Board Policy, there are no student sign-outs within 30 minutes of dismissal 


    8/11/18 - Heightened Security on Campus 

    • There are new procedures for entering and exiting campus.  Due to heightened security, the perimeter gates to the campus will remain locked during the school day. The front gate will be open no earlier than 8 a.m. 
    • All visitors (including parents and district personnel) must report to the front office to check in. 
    • Please plan ahead when preparing to sign your child in and out of school as we must adhere to the new district safety procedures. 


    4/12/18 - Parking in the Fire Lane

    For safety and security reasons, parking in the fire lane is not permitted. The Broward County Fire Marshal and Davie Police Department have reported several violations of this law. Effective Monday, April 16, 2018, local law enforcement will begin ticketing vehicles in accordance with Florida State Statute 316.1945. Any vehicle parked in the fire lane at Nova High School will be subject to a ticket. 

    Commercial Food Delivery Services for Students

    A variety of commercial food delivery services, such as UberEATS™, allow the use of mobile phone applications to place orders from local restaurants with food items being delivered to the requested location.  Since the start of the 2017/18 school year, high school students have been utilizing these services to have “takeout food” delivered to their school during the school day.
    Commercial food deliveries to the school are having a negative impact on the Front Office and Security Staff–disrupting  the school day.  Unauthorized visitors are not allowed on Broward County Public Schools property for the delivery of student ordered meals.  Administrators are to enforce all campus safety procedures for the benefit of the entire school community.    
    Effective immediately, school personnel are not permitted to accept commercial food deliveries for students.  Furthermore, commercial food deliveries will not be accepted for students who circumvent this directive.  Broward County Public Schools are closed campuses, students are to cease from ordering food items to be delivered to school campuses.

     Commercial Food Delivery to BCPS