• Student Volunteer Service Hours


    Please view the Community Service Flyer for guidelines regarding volunteer hours.  Volunteer hours must meet the guidelines in order for a student to receive credit for the hours.  Students must fill out the Community Service Approval Form FIRST before they perform service hours that are not directly connected or sponsored by a school club or organization.  Without this form signed, students are in jeopardy of their community service hours not being accepted.  Please contact Ms. Gentile at jenna.gentile@browardschools.com with any questions.
    Policy on Summer Camps
    Students can only receive hours for volunteering at a summer camp if it is a non profit camp.  Volunteering at a "For Profit" summer camp does not qualify for service learning.  If at any time you are not sure if the camp is for profit, please ask the company for their 501(c)(3) form.  The State of Florida issues a 501(c)(3) certificate to all "Non Profit" organizations.  
    If a specific club/sport is hosting a camp for profit, students cannot earn community service hours, however, other students not directly involved with the club/sport may get hours.  If the student is PARTICIPATING in the activity or sport, their hours will NOT count. 

    Service Hour Forms

    Student Volunteer Service Application and Approval Form 


    Student Volunteer Log Sheet


    SVS Brochure


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