FINDS Research Process Model


    Focus on the information you need


      What specifically did your teacher ask you to do?
      What questions do you need to answer?
    How much information is needed?
     Develop a search action plan and timeline.


    Investigate resources to look for an answer


      What are some sources you can use to find the information you need?
    Locate collections such as fiction, nonfiction, reference, biography, nonprint, and e-resources.
       Select the best resources to answer your questions.
    Note and evaluate facts


     Read, evaluate, and select information.
      Take notes and record data required for citations.
    Organize the information you find.
      Analyze information gathered and compare with research need.


    Develop information into knowledge for presentation


      Select a presentation format appropriate for the topic, audience, and purpose.
      Analyze and synthesize collected information.
      Use resources and technology to create and present a quality product.


    Score presentation and search


     Reflect on the research process, noting strengths and weaknesses.
      Make recommendations for improving your process.
    Are you proud of your work?