A            MON.    10/18                  WCY                    @                         Tequesta                    G                    4:45

                                  1800 Indian Trace Weston, Florida 33326

    H            THU.     10/21                  Seminole            @                        WCY                                  G                   4:45

    H            MON.    10/25                  Falcon C.             @                         WCY                           G                   4:45

    A            WED.    10/27                  WCY                    @                         Franklin F.                     G                   4:45

                                  5000 S. W. 207 terrace Pembroke Pines Florida 33332

    H            TUE.      11/2                    Rickets                @                         WCY                           G                   4:45

    H            THU.     11/4                    Nova                   @                         WCY                           B                   4:45

    A            FRI.        11/5                    WCY                    @                         Glades                       B                   4:45

                                  16700 Southwest 48th. Court Miramar Florida 33027

    A            TUE.      11/9                    WCY                    @                         Silver Tr.                     B                   4:45

    A            TUE.      11/16                  WCY                    @                         Pines Chr.                     B                   4:45

                                  At the High School – 17189 Sheridan Street Pembroke Pines Florida 33331

    H            THU.     11/18                  Apollo                 @                         WCY                           B                   4:45


    Code:  H- Home games.   A – Away games.  B – Boys play first, G – Girls play first.

    Parents please be aware that there will be a 3 feet social distance requirement, and FACE MASKS are mandatory at all games (indoor and Outside).  There is also a possibility of LIMITED NUMBER OF PARENTS allowed on the field and inside the gymnasium.  You may bring a LAWN CHAIR and sit outside the gates during the games outdoor. 

    Please respect all rules that exist at home and away. The rules are only there to keep everyone safe

    Thank you for your continued support of the athletic program at Walter C. Young

    GO KNIGHTS !!!!