• Our Media Specialist is Tamika Dixon

    Our Mission:
    The Mission of the Sanders Park media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information; technologically proficient; and lifelong learners and readers. Resources currently available from all sources make it imperative that all students develop the necessary skills to locate and use materials and technology for both educational and personal needs.

    Our Goals:

    • Develop independent library media center users
    • Integrate information retrieval skills into the curriculum
    • Provide opportunities for purposeful use of library resources coordinated with classroom instruction, learning and assignments
    • Integrate technology into the learning process
    • Support the curriculum and learning process by providing a collection that includes a wide variety of print, nonprint, and electronic resources

    Media Center Procedures:

    • Take good care of our books.
    • Return books on time.
    • Use whisper voices.
    • Use technology appropriately!

    If you love to read and help children then volunteering in the Media Center is a wonderful opportunity. We are looking for dedicated individuals to help with the following areas.
    shelve books

    • prepare materials
    • assist with book fair
    • type certificates
    • assist with inventory

    If you are interested, please contact the Media Specialist. Before volunteering, you must complete the on-line application at the district's Get Involved website. Please click the link to get there. We look forward to hearing from you!