Every absence must be followed by a note from home or a call from a parent. Our attendance phone number is 754-323-5252. No absence is an excused absence without communication. You will receive an automated call regarding unexcused absences.

    If a child has three unexcused absences, you will receive a letter from the State Attorney and the School Board. If you know your child will be out of school more than a week, you should contact the school for make-up work. For absences less than a week, the make-up work should be done when the child returns, and he/she will be allowed twice the time he/she was absent to complete it.

    Teachers are not required to send work home with students in advance or who are going away on vacation during the school year. If parents request make-up work due to an extended illness, teachers are given 24 hours to prepare student work that has been missed.

    School is not a good place for sick children at any time. Often children miss several days from school when the absence could have been prevented by keeping the child home at the onset of the illness. Allow the child at least 24 hours to recover from fever or an upset stomach. Children who come to school with fevers or coughs will be isolated and sent home as soon as possible.

    A good attendance record is an essential component for maximum educational progress. Therefore, it is imperative that your child attend school every day unless he/she is ill.


    Students are to be in class on time. Broward County School Board Policy states: “ A student shall arrive at school and be in class on time each day.....” (#5005.1.3.c.)

    Additionally, when our children are tardy, it disrupts the class. Instruction begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. and it is expected that our children be in the classroom and ready to begin the day at that time. Furthermore, teaching children responsibility is a major goal of our school. As a parent, we ask you to assist us in ensuring that your child arrives at school on time.

    Any student who accumulates 3 tardies during a quarter will serve detention. Parents will be responsible for any inconveniences related to the detention.


    Our teachers utilize each minute of the day in order to maximize learning. All students are expected to be in attendance until 2:00 p.m. Early dismissal is for an emergency ONLY.

    Early dismissal should be avoided. Please try to schedule appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) after school if possible. No early dismissals after 1:30 p.m.

    Students will be released only to the parent who registered and signed the registration form. If your child is to be released to another adult, written permission must be given by the parent and approved by the principal. All students must be signed out through the school office.

    It is impossible to call all parents in the event of an emergency and school must be dismissed at an unscheduled time. Please have a prearranged plan with your child and see that he/she understands it fully, as phone lines will not be available for outgoing calls at this time. For the school to help you with this plan, an Emergency Dismissal Form will be sent home with your child. Please complete the form and return it to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.


    A “rainy day” dismissal is not considered an emergency dismissal. Therefore, parents are discouraged from requesting an early dismissal on rainy days due to congestion in the office and parking lot. Children who are to be transported by parents will be dismissed at the regular time. Walkers and bike riders will be held in the classroom until weather conditions permit a normal dismissal. PARENTS ARE TO INFORM THEIR CHILDREN IF THEY ARE TO BE PICKED UP OR WALK HOME ON RAINY DAYS. SINCE THERE ARE MANY STUDENTS IN OUR SCHOOL, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ALLOW THE CHILDREN THE USE OF THE SCHOOL PHONE FOR THIS PURPOSE.

    On days when we experience a heavy storm at dismissal, all children will remain in their classroom. Students who have not been dismissed to parents will be detained until conditions warrant a safe dismissal. This procedure is established to ensure the safety of students.