• Attendance Hotline Number-754-322-3302

    According to SBBC Policy 5.5: All students under 16 are required to attend school everyday of the 180-day school year. Absences are established by tardiness, early sign-outs, or absences for all or part of any day. The maximum number of acceptable absences is 5 days. Additionally, please note that students may not be released after 1:45 p.m.

    1. Is there a deadline to get absences excused? Parents have 2 days (48 hours) in which to report an absence.

    2. What are the acceptable reasons for an excused absence? The Attendance Policy allows eight (8) reasons for absence to be excused. The reasons are: Illness of student, illness of an immediate family member, death in the family, religious holidays of the student’s own faith, required court appearance, special event, scheduled medical or dental appointment, or student having, or suspected of having a communicable disease.

    3. What do I do if the school records my child’s absence as unexcused when it was an excused absence? Immediately contact the school and provide documentation with a request to have the absence corrected. Follow up with the school administrator if necessary.

    4. Can my child make up work for any absences?  Make up work for credit and grade is allowed for ALL absence for middle school students. Make up work for credit and grade is allowed for excused absences and suspensions for both elementary and high school students. These students are NOT allowed to make up work for unexcused absences.

    5. How much time does my child have to submit make-up work? Students are allowed two days from the date of return, to complete and submit the make-up work. However, work missed due to a suspension is due on the first day back in school after the suspension period. Additional information on time requirement for make-work is available in the Code of Student Conduct.

    6. Will the teachers provide my child with the make-up work? Teachers will have the make-up work available but it is the student and family’s responsibility to get the make-up work. Options include accessing the work on-line, picking up the work at school or by getting notes and assignments from classmates.

    7. How do I ensure that the school has my current contact information? Immediately notify the registrar and/or guidance counselor at your school if your telephone number and/or address change.