Dillard High Policies & Procedures

  • Students and parents are strongly encouraged to study the 2018 – 2019 Broward County Code of Student Conduct. This booklet lists the District’s rules for students in Broward County. The rules apply to all activities occurring on school grounds, on other sites being used for school activities, and on any vehicles authorized to transport students. 

    The Code of Student Conduct is available on line at www.browardschools.com. The book is also available in Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

    Broward County has a Zero Tolerance Policy. At no time is it appropriate for any student to possess or bring a weapon of any kind onto a school campus. Any student who is determined to have brought a firearm or knife to school, to any school function, or on any school sponsored transportation will be recommended for expulsion. Toy guns, ammunition, and any tools or instruments used in a threatening way have been added to the list of Class B weapons. 

    At no time are students allowed to possess, use, sale, or transmit drugs, alcohol or tobacco products. They may not possess drug paraphernalia or transmit over-the-counter medications. Violation of District drug and substance abuse policies could lead to suspension or possible expulsion. 

    Safety and Security 

    Significant progress is being made to ensure that all of our nation's schools are safe, secure and productive. School safety includes keeping campuses free of crime and violence, improving discipline, and increasing student attendance. School that are safe and free of violence, weapons and drugs are necessary to ensure the well-being of all children and the quality of their education. 

    At Dillard High School 6-12, we are proud to share that we have two security specialists, eleven campus monitors and two School Resource Officers (SRO) in addition to our proactive administrative team, faculty, staff and students. Effective the 2017-18 school year, all students and staff are required to wear an ID badge at all times while on campus. All visitors MUST have an ID in order to enter our building. 

    Code red Drills have been mandated for all schools by the State of Florida to ensure the safety of our students and staff. These Code Red Drills will be implemented on a monthly basis, similar to fire drills. The date of drill will not be pre-announced due to potential security and attendance issues. Instead, our school will send families Parent Link messages via phone call, text message, and/or e-mail approximately 20 minutes prior to the drill to alert everyone that it is only a drill. Please do not contact your child during the Code Red Drills as it is important for all students to learn the safety procedures in case of an emergency. Our school will then send a second message to families notifying you that the drill is completed. 

    We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to be the SAFEST and BEST high school in Broward County and the Nation! 

    Important Phone numbers 

    • Main Switchboard (754) 322-0800
    • Attendance Office (754) 322-0802
    • Media Center (754) 322- 2040
    • Guidance (754) 322-0860
    • Breakfast/lunch program (Mrs. Sly) (754) 322- 2014
    • Dillard Center for the Arts (754) 322-0838
    • Emerging Computer Technology Magnet (754) 322-0852


    Absentee calls are excused because of the reason of the absence. A parent must call the Attendance Office at 754-322-0802 and give the reason for the absence or it will not be excused. When a parent calls in to excuse an absence, the following information must be given:

    • Parent's Name
    • Student's Name
    • Student's Identification Number
    • Reason for Absence
    • Date(s) of Absence
    • Parent(s) and /or Guardian(s) must call the absence in within a 48 hour period from the absence.

    Sign outs, excused absences, and tardies will now be used to determine patterns of non-attendance. If a student is out of class 30 hours (5 days) in any marking period or 60 hours (10 days) within 90 days, the student will be out of compliance. Sanctions may include: 

    • Loss of academic credit 
    • Referral to social services 
    • Suspension of driver’s license 
    • Court appearance by parent 
    • Suspension of TANF payments 

    Absences MUST be excused within 2 days. 

    Sign In/Sign Outs

    A parent, guardian, or designated person on the emergency card must come in to the Attendance Office to sign the student out. If the person is not listed on the emergency card, they will not be permitted to sign the student out. The sign in/sign out will be excused depending on the reason. A student can not be signed out by way of a phone call from the parent, guardian or the designated person. Students who leave campus without signing out will be considered unexcused.


    Dillard High School is a closed campus and students are not to leave during the lunch periods. The cafeteria serves a variety of meals that include, but are not limited to, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, soups, pizza, vegetables, etc.

    Cell Phones/Wireless Communication Devices

    Possession of a wireless communication device that disrupts the educational process is a violation of the Code. Cellular phones, camera phones, and pagers are prohibited at all times during class unless specifically instructed to do so as part of the lesson. 

    No Smoking Policy

    Dillard High School is a drug-free school. Absolutely no smoking is permitted on campus.

    Lost & Found

    Found items are to be turned into security. Books will be returned to the assigning teacher, if the teacher's and student's names are not listed in the book.