• Pinnacle Login Information 

    If you are a student your login name should be in the: username@my.browardschools.com format. If you have forgotten your password, please contact your teacher.

    Username is: Student ID Number
    The password is P followed by the student’s birth date with slashes.....it is the same password students use to log into the school computers

    Username: 0600000000@my.browardschools.com
    Password: PMM/DD/YYYY

    Click on the link below to access Pinnacle Gradebook.

    Pinnacle Gradebook

    **** Parents please be advised that when you are checking pinnacle you should log in yourself to view the grades. If you ask your child to log in for you and/or print out their grades, you may not receive accurate information. It has been brought to our attention that students have the ability to edit their grades on the screen. Simply refresh the page and/or log in yourself for the most accurate information.