• PSE Jr. Media Clerks

    The Park Springs Media Center is a center for Literacy. Students come to the Media Center to read, research, get ideas for projects, get help on writing assignments, learn skills needed to conduct research and borrow materials.

    In order to make the Media Center accessible to all students it takes many helpful hands to keep books on shelves and helpful volunteers to help the students find what they need.

    The Media Center has adult volunteers who come in weekly but also Jr. Media Clerks.

    A Jr. Media Clerk is a Park Springs 4th or 5th grade student who has chosen to give up part of their lunchtime, before school time, or recess time each week to help out in the media center.

    A Jr. Clerks responsibility is to:

    1. Check in books.
    2. Help students find books for checkout
    3. Check out student’s books
    4. Keep shelves organized
    5. Shelf books that have been returned as well as new books added to our library
    6. Keep Media circulation desk clean and organized

    In order to be a Jr. Media Clerk as student must:

    1. Be respectful to all media personnel and materials
    2. Follow the rules of the Media Center
    3. Be a model student during their class visit to Media.
    4. Be recommended by their homeroom teacher and 1 other teacher
    5. Have parent consent
    6. Attend meetings when necessary

    ...In addition...

    Park Springs has a news program broadcasted every day live at 7:47 am. It is viewed in all classrooms by all teachers and students.

    This broadcast  helps the students prepare for the world of media and news.

    WPSE is 100% student run under the supervision of Mrs. Jimenez. The crew consists of 5th grade students which hold the positions of anchor (2), weatherman, sports caster, camera person, screen effects technician, mic technician, Pledge of Allegiance announcer and director (2).

    Each morning the crew researches their information and writes their script via the internet, school calendar and members of other PSE clubs.  

    The daily broadcast includes:

    • the weather
    • lunch menu
    • sports news
    • pledge of allegiance
    • school wide news of clubs, field trips, night events etc.
    • Information on our Multicultural Mandates (Black History Month, Women's History Month, Freedom Week, Hispanic Heritage Month, the Holocaust)

    We also often have special guests come on like: Ms. Harris, Mrs. Policastro, Mr. Levitan, Ms. Denner, Mrs. Jimenez, Student Council, Safety Patrol, and Mr. Champa.

    The WPSE crew is chosen in May of each year. Only 4th grade students can apply and once selected they are trained the last 2 weeks of school, which allows them to be ready for the first day of school as 5th graders.

Last Modified on December 28, 2017