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    A Note From Guidance:

    Dear PSE Families and Staff,

    My name is Nicole Tufo and I am very excited to return to our PSE family as your School Counselor! This will be my eighth year here at Park Springs. I have been a School Counselor for Broward Schools for the last twelve years.

    I am very excited about the 2017-2018 school year, as I have many exciting school wide activities planned for our students. Many of our upcoming activities will help to create a positive school environment for our PSE Panthers.  At the beginning of the school year, we have an assembly for our students in grades K-5 to discuss school expectations and go over our Anti-Bullying Policy. If any parents would like to view the Broward County Anti-Bullying Policy, here is the link:http://browardschools.com/anti-bullying

    As the school counselor, I will be participating in several activities with your children throughout the school year. I will be visiting classrooms to teach many different lessons. Some of the various topics I may be teaching are tolerance, school success strategies, self-confidence, computer and Internet safety, goal setting, and test taking strategies.

    I will also be running small groups and offering individual counseling to work with student needs in a smaller setting.  Some of the groups I may be offering are family changes, grief counseling, self-confidence, social skills, self-control, and relational aggression.  If you would like to refer your child for either small group or individual counseling, or are in need of other services, please feel free to contact me at 754-322-7750. To go with our school’s game theme this year and in the spirit of Chutes and Ladders, I am here to support you and your children with life’s ups and downs. I am looking forward to another great year working with our students!


    First Semester Update...

    A Note From Your School Counselor:

    Dear PSE Families and Staff,

    This has been a very exciting first quarter!  The school celebrated Choose Peace Week in September.  Some of the activities included students participating in Chalk 4 Peace and a peace song sing-a long.   In October, we celebrated both College and Career Week and Red Ribbon – “Just Say No” Week. I would like to thank the Koesten Family and the Finkelman Family for donating a pennant for our college and career wall near the cafeteria.  Also, thank you to all the students and staff that participated in the Red Ribbon activities.  My favorite was the 50’s themed day!  Everyone looked.  We really did a great job representing such an important message.  The Week of November 9- 13, we will celebrate Anti-Bullying Week.   Information for those activities will be coming soon.

    The students also had a return visitor- Auntie Bully!  You might catch a glimpse of her on Twitter.  Auntie Bully visits our school on the Wednesday morning announcements.  Students write her letters and she gives some great advice.  The students look forward to seeing her on the announcements. 

    I have also started running some small guidance groups and am looking forward to visiting with students in their classrooms for some guidance lessons.

    If you would like to refer your child for either small group or individual counseling, or are in need of other services, please feel free to contact me at 754-322-7750.

    This has been a great year so far.  I can’t wait to see what other great things are in store!



    Park Springs Elementary- Absences and Attendance

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1.    What should I do if my child is absent from school?

    • If your child is absent from school, you must call the attendance line at 754-322-7752 and leave a message on the recording with the child’s name, teacher’s name, and reason they for the absence.

    2.    What if my child is sick more than one day?  Do I have to call the attendance line for every day my child is sick?

    • Yes, you must call for every day your child is out of school.  

    3.    Is there a time that I have to call my child in by?

    • It is best to call in your child in before 9 A.M. on the day of the absence since this is when attendance is entered into the school database.  However, according to Florida Law, you have 48 hours to report an absence before it becomes unexcused.

    4.    Can I email my child’s teacher instead of calling in to the attendance line?

    • No, you cannot email the teacher.  All absences must be called in or a handwritten note must be sent to school addressed “Office-Attendance”.  Many times if the teacher receives an email, the information does not make it down to the office, resulting in the absence being marked unexcused.   However, you may email the teacher, in addition to calling in the absence to the attendance line.

    5.    What will happen if I do not call in my child’s absence?

    • If an absence is not called in within 48 hours of the absence, the absence will be marked unexcused.

    6. Do I have to bring in a Doctors note every time my child is absent?

    • No. However, if the child is absent more than two consecutive days, it would be in your best interest to have a note from the Doctor.  If you bring a Doctors note, please place it in an envelope addressed “Office-Attendance,” or you may hand deliver it.  However, if a child is acquiring a large number of absences, Florida Law states that schools can require a Doctors note in order for the absence to be considered excused.

    7. What if my child will be absent due to a “Special Occasion”, Death in the Family, etc.?

    • If you know in advance that your child will be missing school for a reason that is not illness related, please send a letter to the Principal, Mrs. Policastro, informing her of the dates your child will be absent, as well as the reason for the absence. 
    • Mrs. Policastro will give the final approval to excuse the absences.

    8. What happens if my child’s absences are marked unexcused?

    • All absences are monitored by our county Attendance Department.  If a student acquires five unexcused absences, a letter will be sent to your home from the District State Attorney’s office, requiring you attend a meeting at the school to meet with the school’s BTIP Attendance Designee to discuss the reason for the absences.  It is required by law that all student’s between the ages of 6-16 must attend school on a regular basis.  It is in your best interest to attend these meetings or speak with the school BTIP Designee.

    9. What happens if my child gets more than five unexcused absences?

    • Once a child has acquired a total of 10 unexcused absences, another letter from the State attorney’s Office will be sent home.  This letter will require parents to attend a meeting at the Coconut Creek Police Department to meet with the State Attorney and Head of the Attendance Department to discuss what further action will be taken at that time. If you receive this letter, it is in your best interest to attend the meeting,

    10.Does my child’s attendance start fresh every school year?

    • Yes. The start of every school year begins the count of how many absences a student has.  However, if a student has a history of non-attendance and unexcused absences, if you are asked to attend a meeting with the State attorney, previous years attendance will be pulled up and examined carefully.  If there is a history of poor attendance, files can be charged.

    11. Do tardies and early releases count towards attendance?

    • Yes.  When a student is tardy or taken out of school for early release, every minute the child misses school is added up. When  tardies and early release minutes add up to a total of 360 minutes, that is the equivalent to one unexcused absence.  Tardies and Early Release cannot be excused.

    12. What is considered Tardy?

    • School begins at 7:45 A.M.  In order for a student to be on time, they must be in theirclassroom when the bell rings at 7:45 A.M.  This does not include walking in at the front gate.  Students must be in their classroom to be considered “on time”.  On occasion, tardies can be held if there is inclement weather or other severe circumstances.

    13. If my child’s bus is late, will my child be marked tardy?

    • Students that arrive to school on the school bus will not be marked tardy if the bus arrives to school late.  This does not include if a child misses the bus.  If a bus is missed, the child can still be marked tardy.

    14. What if I’m stuck in the car line traffic?

    • We have many students that arrive to school by car.  Please keep this in consideration when arranging transportation for your child to get to school.  The car line allows students to be dropped off as early as 7:10 A.M.  The earlier you are, the less chance you have of arriving to school late.  If you are entering the car line at 7:40, there is a very strong possibility that you will not arrive to school on time.  It is requested that when in the car line, you pleasepull your car up to the front of the line.  This is to help prevent your child, as well as other students, from becoming tardy.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    If you have any other questions regarding attendance procedures, please contact Nicole Tufo, your School Counselor,

    at 754-322-7750.


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