• The Second Grade Team's Quote -
    "Fair is not when everyone gets the same.  Fair is when everyone gets what they need."


    Read daily to or with your child and enjoy conversations about the story before, during, and after the book.
    Reading with your child will help improve fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
    Generally, homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.  Please check your child's planner daily for assignments and information.

    Dear Second Graders and Parents,
    Second grade is a very exciting year of learning and growth. You will read many interesting stories and passages, learn about our state, expand your vocabulary, build terrariums, participate in science experiments, learn about Famous Americans,  and make many new friends. 

    Below are some activities that will help extend students' learning throughout the year at home.


    • Write a friendly letter to a friend or relative about a special event.
    • Keep a journal or diary.  Record your thoughts and feelings
    • Write a personal narrative about a real-life activity you participate in. Have mom and dadhelp you “STRETCH THE DETAILS” by using your senses.   For example: What did you hear, see, smell, touch, and taste.
    • Keep a list of all the new words you learn.  Try to use the new words in your writing and conversations.
    • Arrange photo albums in sequential order.  Use the photos to create time-lines for different activities.
    • Make up family stories at dinner.
    • Go to the library and check out their free activities.
    • Check out books at the library and have a readers club at home.  
    • Discuss the different books that you read.
    • Take some trips to museums, the zoo or historical places.  Read the signs.Parents, please ask your child questions about the information they read to make sure they understand.
    • Assemble a toy with mom and dad.  Read the steps aloud as you work together to puttogether your new toy. Parents, ask your child sequence questions like “What comes just before…?”
    • Create a new book cover for a book you read.  
    • Make a diorama of your favorite part in a book.
    • Make a timeline of a book you read.
    • Create a puppet show of a scene from a book.
    • Make a comic strip of a book you read.
    • Design a postcard and write to the main character.
    • Cook a food that was mentioned in a book you read.
    • Parents, give your child an allowance for chores done in the house. Help them keep track of how much they receive, save and spend each week.
    • Take a map along on a trip and have your child help with the directions.
    • Practice addition facts by making each basket in a basketball game worth different amounts.  Help your child add the numbers to find the sum.
    • Get measurement practice by having your child help to pack snacks.  They can make a mix using different items such as raisins, pretzels or chocolate chips. Use different measurements such as ¼ cup or ½ cup.
    • Take you child grocery shopping with you.  Help your child round the cost of items to the nearest dollar amount.  Have them estimate the total cost of groups of items.  Ask the cashier to give you a subtotal on the items. Talk to your child about their estimation on the way home.
    • Use Hundred's CHART (see link below) to complete the activities below.

    These activities will reinforce Number Sense Concepts. 

    • You can use small counters, M&M’s, Skittles, or cereal as markers. This would make working with MATH - a real 'treat'!
    • Cover odd/even numbers. Skip count by 2’s, 5’s or 10’s.
    • Place a counter on a number. Add 10. Continue until you see a pattern.Parents talk to your child about the patterns they see. Follow the same procedure to add 9 and other numbers.
    • Parents, please help your child develop skill of adding 20, 30, etc., on the chart by movingtheir marker across.  Then have them add multiples of 10 by going down.
    • Subtraction with multiples of 10 can be practiced by going backwards or up on the chart.

    click HERE for Hundreds Chart

    Cool Links!

    Check out some very COOL Websites!  HAVE FUN!
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    http://bogglesworldesl.com  -   Word study/ Elkonin boxes

    www.poetry4kids.com  -   Poetry resources

    http://www.puzzlemaker.com  -   Puzzles

    http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK  -   Time Magazine Info.

    http://www.enchantedlearning.com  -   Teacher Resources

    http://msrossbec.com  -   Teacher Resources

    http://www.mrsalphabet.com  -   Alphabets
    http://www.discovery.com   -   Discovery (science)

    http://www.teachers.net  -   Teacher Resources

    http://www.carolhurst.com  -   Reviews of books & ideas

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