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    Welcome to the Before and After School Child Care (BASCC) program at Park Springs Elementary!

    We understand that parents are faced with the difficult task of finding quality child care for their children. PSE is proud to offer a School Board operated Before and Aftercare program that will provide students with a secure, supervised, constructive learning and play environment. The students participate in a variety of activities throughout the afternoon. Some of the activities includes homework time, computers, reading, cooking, science, math, art and crafts, outdoor play, and games to name a few. The goal of our program is to offer a wide variety of fun, quality activities for your child.

     The Mission of Before and After School Child Care is to provide children with:

    • an inclusive child care program that is safe and nurturing in a comfortable environment;

    • a culturally enriching program that promotes the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of each child;    

    • a program that meets the highest quality of child care standard

     Thank you for choosing our BASCC program. We appreciate your trust.