• Who We Are

    Our Mission Statement: Broward Community Schools are dedicated to providing our diverse community of learners with lifelong learning opportunities.

    Top 10 Things to Know About Us

    1. We offer classes that respond to the academic, cultural, social, recreational, and lifelong learning goals of more than 200,000 students annually.
    2. Our students represent 166 countries and 50 language groups.
    3. We offer something for everyone of all ages with morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend classes.
    4. With 17 community schools and more than 40 off-site locations, most Broward residents are less than 5-10 minutes away from a learning opportunity.
    5. Many of our residents have become U.S. citizens because of our citizenship programs.
    6. Our ESOL, GED, Adult High School Diploma, Adult and Family Literacy programs empower thousands of students to improve their lives.
    7. We provide onsite training to businesses and agencies to meet employees’ needs and organizational goals.
    8. We are at the forefront of providing our students with an array of e-Learning opportunities.
    9. We know our communities and are good neighbors
    10. We really do make a difference.

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