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    Bright Futures Scholarship

    Seniors can apply for the Bright Futures Scholarship starting October 1st. Click here for further instructions.

    Check Bright Futures Status - www.FloridaShines.org .

    Get Ready For College - Bright Future Eligibility Evaluation.

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    • District - Broward
    • Last name - student's last name
    • Student # (06......) OR Social Security # with X at the end 123456789X

    Dual Enrollment

    Juniors and seniors who meet eligibility requirements may be concurrently enrolled in high school and college courses at B.C. or F.A.U. or F.I.U. See your counselor for more information.

    Unweighted gpa of 3.5 and higher; qualifying SAT, ACT or PSAT score.  See Ms. Woodring for additional information.

    Early Admission into College 

    At the completion of the junior year in high school a student may apply and be admitted to certain colleges which offer early admission. The student forgoes spending the senior year in high school and, upon meeting specific conditions, is awarded a high school diploma after a year in college. See your counselor for more information.

    Advanced Placement Courses

    Advanced Placement courses are taught in several academic areas and are considered to be at a college level. Successful completion of the course and receipt of a qualifying score on the national AP exam may result in college credit at a large number of colleges and universities. Students registered for AP courses must take the AP exam given in May. See your counselor for more information.

    TABE Study Guide

    TABE Study Guide

    PERT Study Guide

    PERT Study Guide