• ESLS Department

    Exceptional Student Learning and Support

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    Michele Bonsanti: ESLS Support Services Specialist
    " Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss

    ESLS Department Picture

    Marcia Zerbini

    ESLS Secretary

    Tracy Metzner

    8th Grade Support Facilitator/ Team Leader

    Leo Swider

    Behavior Tech

    Farin Padamsey

    7th Grade Support Facilitator


    6th Grade Support Facilitator


    Specialized Varying Exceptionalities Teacher

    Nicole Jenkins

    Specialized Varying Exceptionalities Teacher


    Christine Olmeda

    Specialized Varying Exceptionalities Teacher

    Roberta Quinn

    Speech Language Pathologist

    Julie Raulerson

    Speech Language Pathologist

    Ralph Levinson

    ESLS Counselor

    Felicia Barrera

    School Psychologist



    Gifted Providers

    Mary Batchelor                                          8th Grade Language Arts

    Michell Buttler                                          8th Grade Science

    Pawel Gielar                                             8th Grade History

    Jodi Gorfinkel                                            8th Grade Algebra/Geometry


    Michelle Bleier                                           7th Grade Language Arts

    Nadjah McCoy                                           7th Grade Science

    Prudence Sterling                                      7th Grade Civics

    Suzanne Green                                          7th Grade Algebra and Advanced Math


    Tiffany Varon                                              6th Grade Language Arts

    Kimberly Barreto                                        6th  Grade Science

    Marie Jerome                                             6th Grade World History

    Ewidge Joseph                                            6th Grade Advanced Math and GEM


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