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    The Stranahan Science/Pre-Engineering Program has been created by Stranahan's administrators and teachers in conjunction with a notable Engineering advisory Board, made up of professional engineers, scientists, business, community, and university leaders.

    The program is more than the standard high school classroom and laboratory coursework. Much more!


    The Stranahan Science/Pre-Engineering Course Program has been specially tailored to prepare students for college entry to further their education in the engineering sciences. Classroom and laboratory programs, as well as internships have been designed to provide students with significant educational advantages that far surpass standard high school programs.

    We believe all students deserve access to real-world, applied learning experiences that engage and empower them with skills needed to thrive in collegiate,and professional environments. That’s why Stranahan High School Science/Pre-Engineering Program is a proud participant of Project Lead the Way and NAF.org.

    Stranahan Magnet Program students benefit from the experience gained in the school's unequaled, state-of-the-art science and engineering facilities.

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    Intro To Engineering
    Principles Of Engineering
    Digital Electronics
    Engineering Design & Development


    Electives correlate to identified majors. Pursuing Electives outside of your major depend on availability and instructor discretion (please see instructor for
    prerequisite details). 


    Curriculum is subject to change. For descriptions of the courses included in the Science Pre-Engineering Pathway, please contact the magnet office.