• Medical Sciences

    Doris Medical Magnet Students explore their interests, identify potential career paths, and make informed post secondary decisions. We provide every student the opportunity to gain experience and confidence needed to move in the direction of their career goals. Our students participate in cooperative learning with a number of our partners in education, integrating course work and professional experience. Magnet students divide their time between the classroom and the work place. We empower young professionals to engage in productive and fulfilling coursework and research that will contribute to the community and the future of global healthcare. We transform students into community leaders.


    Our Medical Science Majors are modeled on an integrated curriculum that includes foundational courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts, as well as application-based coursework on health and healthcare.

    Students in our magnet program learn the value of working as members of a health care team in the class setting as well as through Cooperative Learning (Co-op) experiences. Our Co-op experiences allow students to learn and recognize the importance of professional behaviors both in the classroom and in the workplace.

    • Co-op

    • Capstone

     SHS magnet students have the opportuity to complete the medical sciences programs, with or without a cooperative learning experience. Sample curricular plans can be found on the Stranahan High School Student Curricula page.

    School of Medical Sciences Majors

    Required Coursework

    -          BioMedical Sciences

    -          Principles of Bio Medical Sciences Honors


    -          Human Body Systems Honors


    -          Medical Interventions Honors


    -          BioMedical Innovations Honors



    -          Allied Health

    -          Health Science Anatomy and Physiology


    -          Health Science Foundations


    -          Allied Health Assisting III



    -          Veterinary Science

    -          Marine Science Honors


    -          Veterinary Assisting I


    -          Veterinary Assisting II


    -          Veterinary Assisting III


    Electives correlate to identified majors. Pursuing Electives outside of your major depend on availability and instructor discretion (please see instructor for 
    prerequisite details). 


    Curriculum is subject to change. For descriptions of the courses included in the School of Medical Sciences, please click here.

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