Global Scholars

Global Scholars
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    Broward’s Global Scholars initiative connects participating middle school students (see list below) to other participating schools around the world. Using Internet-based educational activities, project-based learning and other instructional strategies as an elective or within a specific content area, the goal is authentic learning to develop students’ global citizenship while enhancing critical 21st century skills.

    Successful implementation includes subject content mastery, English language communication, and technology proficiency. This blended learning program provides access to an interactive, multimedia online classroom and original curriculum materials, enabling students to learn and communicate about important issues with their international peers. Teachers gain year-round professional development and a connection to a worldwide network of educators.

GS 2021-22 Curriculum: Food, Cities, and Our Future

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  • Global Scholars Program

    Global Cities Global Scholars is an online global awareness education initiative sponsored by Global Cities, Inc., a program of Bloomberg Philanthropies. It connects classes of students, ages 10–13, in large urban areas with their international peers using an interactive, multimedia electronic classroom.

    It is currently operating in over 45 cities around the world. There is no cost to participating schools. Global Cities, Inc. provides the curriculum, access to the e-classroom, and professional development. Broward has identified 26 middle schools to participate in the program.

  • Participating Schools

    • AC Perry PK-8 (1st year)
    • Apollo Middle School (7th year, pilot school)
    • Attucks Middle School (6th year, home of a teacher of the year finalist)
    • Bair Middle School (5th year)
    • Coral Springs Middle School (1st year)
    • Crystal Lake Middle School (7th year, pilot school)
    • Deerfield Beach Middle School (7th year, pilot school)
    • Dillard 6-12 (1st year)
    • Driftwood Middle School (3rd year)
    • Forest Glen Middle School (1st year)
    • Glades Middle School (5th year) home of the 2021 Broward Global Scholars Teacher of the Year and Broward School of the Year finalist
    • Lauderdale Lakes Middle School (2nd year, returning from a 5 year break)
    • Lauderhill 6-12 6-12 (4th year)
    • Lyons Creek Middle School (7th year, home of a Global Scholar Teacher of the Year finalist
    • Margate Middle School (6th year)
    • McNicol Middle School (6th year)
    • Millennium 6-12 Collegiate (5th year)
    • New Renaissance Middle School (6th year)
    • New River Middle School (4th year)
    • Nova Middle School (6th year)
    • Olsen Middle School (5th year)
    • Parkway Middle School (5th year)
    • Pines Middle School (3rd year)
    • Plantation Middle School (6th year)
    • Pompano Beach Middle School (2nd year)
    • Ramblewood Middle School (3rd year)
    • Rickards Middle School (5th year)
    • Silver Lakes Middle School (5th year)
    • Silver Trail Middle School (6th year) 2021 Broward Global Scholars School of the Year; home of two teacher of the year finalists)
    • Tequesta Trace Middle School (2nd year returning from a five-year break)
    • Walter C. Young Middle School (1st year)
    • Westpine Middle School (6th year)
    • William Dandy Middle School (6th year)

  • Program Benefits

    Global Scholars supports the following key objectives:

    • Broaden students’ local-to-global perspective by learning from peers in other cities
    • Gain subject matter content knowledge on an issue of mutual concern
    • Equip students to navigate a 21st century virtually-connected world
    • Augment digital technology proficiency
    • Promote English language practice and literacy
    • Computers and Internet connection are required to participate in this Internet-based curriculum and access the secure, pass-coded e-classroom. The program activities are conducted in English.
    • There is no fee to take part in Global Scholars.

  • Program Goals

    • Enable direct virtual communication between international classes through online discussion boards and multimedia projects
    • Give students the technology skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century
    • Broaden students’ perspectives on critical global issues so they can think globally and act locally

  • Global Student Learning Outcomes with Indicators

    Global Scholars Student Learning Outcomes

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  • Teacher of the Year and School of the Year

    Teacher of the Year

    Teacher of the Year

    Broward's Global Scholars teachers are all stars. With appreciation for their commitments to students and to the program the first Teacher of the Year for participating in the Global Scholars program was presented to Mrs. Kimberly Lyons, Glades Middle School.

    The other finalists were Ms. Brownlee, Attucks MS, Dr. Feldman Lyons Creek MS, Ms. Green Silver Trail MS and Ms. Louis Silver Trail MS.

    School of the Year

    School of the Year

    Silver Trail MS, Broward's first School of the Year for participating in the Global Scholars program is a consist outperformer.  Joining the program in our second year as Global Scholars District, always with teachers who excel, and supportive administrators, this school is also recognized for realizing the District's goal to give as many students as possible, this learning opportunity. Silver Trail MS offers multiple Global Scholars classes, in all three middle grades.

    Broward's Global Scholars success includes the support of their school leaders. Thank you to all the Principals and Assistant Principals in our 26 participating schools.

  • End of the Year Activities

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  • Global Scholar Showcases

    2021 Global Scholars Virtual Showcase Invite

    2020 Global Scholars Virtual Showcase

    2018-2019 Global Scholars Showcase 2017-2018 Global Scholars Showcase

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