Everglades SGA Meeting Dates first and third Wednesdays in room 399; Get involved in school activities, join today!
    SGA is a student-run organization that  dedicates itslef to creating a memorable high school experience for every student at Everglades. By encouraging involvement, we provide a medium for all students to become active in the workings of our community. This includes hosting a number of events such as Homecoming Spirit Week, Mr. Gator Pageant, pep rallies, and much more.
    Not only do we bridge the gap between students and administration, but we are also involved  members of the Miramar community. On an annual basis, Everglades SGA participates in Harvest Drive and other service-based projects that are aimed at lending a helping hand.
    Every year our goal is to improve the lives of our student and faculty population by implementing creative and fun ideas to make each year unforgettable!