Scholar Eagle Academic Acceleration Program Recommendation

  • Digital Recommendation Packet for the Scholar Eagle Academic Acceleration Program:


  • Criteria


    How to Complete

    Formal Parent



     This part of the application process creates a formal request to have the learner placed in the program and gives us background information on the students that may not be apparent in academic records. It should be completed by the parent or guardian and the learner.


    Complete the formal parent recommendation online




    (Only necessary for students who do not meet the academic requirements) 

    This part of the process, which is completed by the learner's current teacher, focuses on the learner's personal attributes and looks at confidence, responsibility, engagement, innovation, and reflectiveness. 


    Ask the teacher of record to complete recommendation online 


    FSA Scores 


    As part of the process, we will look at the learner's past academic history, including 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade FSA Scores.


    This step will be completed by the Magnet Coordinator


    Report Card 


    As part of the application package, please submit your child's 2nd Quarter 5th-grade report card.


    Starting December 1st, you may:

    -Attach it as a file in the parent recommendation  form

    -Drop off a copy at Attucks

    -Email a picture or scan of the report card to:    

    -Fax the report card to

    (754) 323-3085