• Everglades High School

    2018 Summer Experience in the Language Arts


    The Florida State Standards for English Language Arts emphasize career and college readiness; students must be able to engage with complex texts that are on grade level and compatible with the learning demands established by the standards. In addition to content coverage, the standards require that students systematically acquire knowledge through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Because college and career readiness overwhelming focuses on complex texts outside of literature, students will be expected to engage with these various texts and synthesize information from multiple sources to develop new understandings.


    We at Everglades High School (EHS) want our students to have the best opportunity for success, and to ensure students are prepared for rigorous academic work come August.  With this rigor in mind readings have been assigned by course and grade level, in addition we recommend that students continue to read their favorite books and magazines during the summer break;


    To access 2018 Summer Experience Assignments and Activities click on the link to the left for the course you will take next year:  You should complete the assignment that is at the highest academic level you expect to be enrolled in the fall; for example, if you are currently registered for a regular class but want an honors class complete the honors work.  If you are enrolled in 11th grade English General Paper and will transfer to AP Language and Composition, then complete the AP Language assignments.


    (Please note:  To access summer assignments for other Advanced Placement subject area assignments, please click here.)


    9th grade – English 1 Regular

    9th grade – English 1 Honors

    9th grade – Cambridge Pre-AICE English 1

    10th grade – English 2 Regular

    10th grade – English 2 Honors

    10th grade – Cambridge Academy English General Paper

    11th grade – English 3 Regular

    11th grade – English General Paper

    11th grade – Cambridge Academy AICE Language Arts

    12th grade – English 4 Regular

    12th grade – English 4 Honors

    12th grade – AP Literature and Composition

    12th grade – Dual Enrollment ENC 1101/1102


    If you have questions regarding your Summer Experience, please contact the following:

    English Regular and Honors – Dr. Cash (michele.cash@browardschools.com)

    Cambridge Academy Pre-AICE English 1 and AICE Language Arts – Ms. Polgari (viktoria.polgari@browardschools.com)

    Cambridge Academy AICE English General Paper – Dr. Cash (michele.cash@browardschools.com)

    AICE General Paper 11th Grade – Mr. Cordova (matthew.cordova@browardschools.com)

    AP Language and Composition – Ms. Swain (sarah.swain@browardschools.com)

    AP Literature and Composition – Mr. Horowitz (ahorowitz@wordpress.com)

    Dual Enrollment Enc 1101/1102 – Mr. Horowitz (ahorowitz@wordpress.com)