FIELDTRIP ECHO wind turbine Erick shark tagging shark tagging


    The Alternative Energy program allows students to explore the current and emerging alternative energy industry. This program is designed to develop competencies in the areas of energy history and the global impact of renewable and non-renewable resources: career opportunities; scientific and research concepts; biological and physical science principles; environmental principals; and solar energy safety. Engineering-based activities are an integral part of this program.  Opportunities to earn industry certification in several areas are available.  Fieldtrips, guest speakers, and connections to industry engage students to make them both college and career ready.  Florida, Power, and Light Company (FPL) is our industry partner, supporting our efforts and programs.  We are the only high school in Florida that FPL has partnered with, much to the benefit of our students.  PHOTOS:  Fieldtrip to Echo in Fort Myers, students testing turbine efficiency, and shark tagging with NSU's Guy Harvey Research Institute.