• The Latin School

    Regional forum photo Pompei Temple of Apollo Wearing Toga Toga

    The Latin School offers an enriched and classical education that promotes strong academic achievement and intellectual curiosity. This program is designed for students who have a desire to go beyond the boundaries of high school studies and embrace the world of arts, literature, history, science, math and technology according to their individual strengths and interests. Students are encouraged to participate in the wide variety of college-level Cambridge AICE,Advanced Placement, and Dual-Enrollment courses to facilitate their transition to post-secondary programs. Our Latin School students have the opportunity to study Latin and Greek within the Latin coursework, and have available courses such as Cambridge AICE Classical Studies and Humanities. Latin students engaged with author sessions at the Miami International Book Fair in 2019, and hope to attend yearly! Students also have the opportunity to take the National Latin Exam, and affiliated exams such as Mythology to bolster their college resumes. Photos show students competing at Latin's Junior Classical League's Regional Forum; trip to Pompeii,shown Temple of Apollo; students wearing their classical costumes on Toga Day!  PHOTOS:  Latin Club at State Forum; Latin students visit Pompeii; Latin students enjoying educating others on Toga Day!