• Guidance

    Welcome to Flamingo Elementary School’s Guidance Department webpage. I am so excited to be starting the 2018-2019 school year as the certified school counselor at Flamingo. My role as the school counselor is to help all students with their social and emotional development so that they can be successful in school and prepared for the future. At Flamingo, I am proud to provide a comprehensive developmental guidance program for all students that includes; individual counseling, small group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and consultation with parents and teachers. Please feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss your concerns. I look forward to a great year at Flamingo where we are building for the future!

    Amy Schleicher, Ed.S., LCSW

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    Counseling Services

    Guidance services are available to all students. Individual conferences with students and /or parents are available. Contact the school to arrange for an appointment. Flamingo’s goal is to support all students so that they may reach their full potential.


    The home /school connection is an important link to the educational process. At least two conferences are recommended each school year. Please contact your child’s teacher when you need to make an appointment. Impromptu conferences at the classroom door and/or hallway are discouraged.

    Student Planner

    Flamingo Elementary provides each student with a Student Planner. These planners are an important communication tool. Daily assignments and important dates are written in the planner. These planners support our students with their organizational and time management skills.

    Interim Reports

    Interim Reports may be sent home any time during each grading period. This report keeps the parents abreast of any concerns regarding academic or behavioral performance. It is important that the Interim Report be signed by the parent and returned promptly. Follow up conversations are encouraged if any questions arise from this report.

    Report Cards

    Student Progress Reports are sent home at the end of every nine weeks. This report informs parents of their child’s academic, social, and emotional progress.

    In order to receive a report card, the student must have been in attendance for twenty-five days within the grading period. Parents should review the report card with their child, sign the envelope, and return it promptly to the school. If any questions/concerns arise, parents should contact their child’s teacher.


    Homework is an extension of the classroom activities and reinforces the learning process. Parents should support and encourage their child in their homework endeavors. Parents should -

    • provide a suitable place, conducive to learning
    • make homework a part of the daily routine
    • take an active interest in their child’s work
    • encourage their child to ask questions when they do not understand

    Exceptional Student Education

    Exceptional Student Education programs are provided for our students who meet the district and state eligibility requirements. These exceptional programs include specific learning disabilities, gifted, speech and language, hearing and vision impaired, and physically impaired. Students participating in these programs have met specific requirements and have an Individual Education Plan that documents the student’s needs and how the services will be provided. Any questions regarding the various ESE programs should be directed to the school’s ESE Specialist, Mrs. Darnell.