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  • Welcome from the Chair

    Ms Campos The Department of Mathematics at Hollywood Hills High School is an engaged and exciting department dedicated to excellence in teaching. Our classes are taught by professional teachers dedicated to providing the highest quality mathematics learning experiences for our students so that they are college and career ready.  

    The Mathematics Department at Hollywood Hills High School strives to provide our students with the type of learning required in a 21st century classroom.  Aligned with the district vision, our math courses provide students with the rigor of mathematics, show the relevance and role of mathematics in their learning, and allow students to develop learning relationships with their peers and teachers.

    Mr Coney Students in the Math Department also receive individualized attention.  Our teachers have an open-door policy, and students are free to meet with a teacher whenever he/she is available.  We strive to foster an atmosphere that will make all students' mathematics education experience most rewarding. 

    In addition, students can get assistance from other students or they can meet with a study group, or use one of the computers with specialized software.  

    Mathematics is one of the ways used to describe the world and to make sense of the universe and our environment.  In fact, most of the incredible achievements of our society throughout history have been facilitated by our understanding of mathematical concepts and our ability to apply these principles to different problems and innovations.  At Hollywood Hills High School, students have the opportunity to acquire a solid base in mathematics to fit their future needs and enable them to successfully pursue the career of their dreams.

    Josann Campos, Department Chair

  • Math Faculty

    • Ms. Josann Campos, Department Chair
    • Ms. Camille Buchanan
    • Mr. Erie Coney
    • Mr. Kevin Goosen
    • Mr. Albert Richards
    • Ms. Kathleen Sorrell
    • Ms. Tracy Wollschlager

    Mr. P We look forward to helping all students grow in their mathematical abilities. We are confident that all of our students can succeed and achieve at the highest level, and we are committed to ensuring that all of our students are prepared for the next step in their academic careers.  Let us work together to make the 2017 - 2018 school year the best year for Math at HHHS!

    Students...Do you need to solve a derivative? 

  • The Mathematics Department of Hollywood Hills provides an environment which encourages students to ask questions in a non-intimidating setting to further their knowledge of mathematics. High expectations are set for our students with the reaffirmation that all Hollywood Hills High School mathematics teachers will assist them in their pursuit of the understanding of math.  

    Ms Sherman Most students want to study mathematics as a tool for functioning in a technological world, as a discipline in its own right, or as a fulfillment of requirements--high school   graduation or college entrance.

    Hollywood Hills High School supports students in these endeavors through courses that cater to a variety of interests and learning styles. Our courses prepare students for state assessments as they are developed from the Common Core State Standards in addition to exposing students to the content assessed on college entrance and Advanced Placement exams (when applicable).

    The math program at HHHS includes the following courses:

    • Algebra 1
    • Geometry
    • Algebra 2
    • Financial Algebra
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Calculus
    • AP Statistics
    • Math for College Readiness

    Throughout their experience at Hollywood Hills High School, students will have opportunities to interact with various technological tools to support their learning of mathematics.  These opportunities range from access to websites and lessons in how to use math software to the use of other resources to support their exploration and understanding of mathematical concepts, including...

    • Khan Academy Math Nation
    • USA Prep Student Problem Solving (SPS) Wiki
    • Geogebra Illustrative Mathematics
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