Principal's Message

  • Joyce Krzemienski



    Greetings! We are off to a wonderful start this year. As you know, Peters earned a “C” for the 2018-2019 school year. Peters Elementary faculty and staff are once again working very hard at providing your child with a high quality education. Instruction is based on the Florida Standards and students receive support and/or remediation when necessary as well as enrichment activities to ensure academic proficiency.  

    Please be involved in your child’s education. A strong home-school connection is imperative to a child’s success. You are encouraged to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher to discuss the curriculum and grade level expectations as well as have an understanding of the classroom rules and procedures. 

    Just a few quick reminders: 

    * In the mornings:  

    All students who eat breakfast are to report to the cafeteria.  

    Students in grades K-3 sit quietly and read books, play academic games in the cafe. 

    Students in grades 4 & 5 report to the Media Center to work quietly.  


    * Arrival: Car Riders 

    Please pull up as far as you can along the sidewalk and have your child get out of the car when the line stops. Then, pull out of the lane and allow other cars to proceed. This will expedite the process. Many parents are still waiting in their cars to pull up near the school, which backs up the line tremendously. If your child/children are in grades K-5, please have them exit the car as soon as the line stops. Parents of our PK students may wait and pull up closer since you have to sign in your child. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter. If everyone follows these procedures, we will have a smooth drop off in the morning.  

    We look forward to another amazing year. Please continue to be supportive and actively involved in your child’s education. Follow us on Facebook, the Peters’ website, PTA website, or Twitter.  Stay informed of all of the exciting activities that are taking place at Peters. Thank you for all of your support!  


    Joyce Krzemienski, Ph.D.