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From Strategy Formulation to Strategic Plan Implementation

  • Over the years, the District has implemented effective programs and initiatives aimed at improving student outcomes. Yet, few would argue that Broward’s education system has plenty of room for improvement. 

    The District’s 2016–19 Strategic Plan, facilitated by the Office of Strategic Initiative Management, will enable us to fulfill our mission with maximum efficiency and impact. It focuses on improving the instructional core while leveraging the input of collaborative teams that include our administrators, teachers, students and stakeholders. This plan articulates specific goals and describes the action steps and resources needed to accomplish them. It reflects a proactive approach to managing current performance, while maintaining the ability to respond to internal and external changes.

    During our District's review of internal and external factors, which included the implementation of new Florida Standards, students’ literacy skills in the early years, current instruction practices, professional development models, existing internal management practices and stakeholder feedback, it was determined that for 2016–19 we would recalibrate our existing Strategic Plan. Recalibration involves establishing new baselines and a new path forward incorporating elements of our 2012–15 Strategic Plan.

    The 2016–19 Strategic Plan utilizes a shorter planning horizon with an emphasis on execution, monitoring and reporting, which enables more frequent reviews and course corrections.

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