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Last call for 11th Grade Students to sign up for the March 3 SAT School Day

Why Take The SAT?

1. Broward County Schools is paying the $52.00 fee so that you can take this test for free with the added convenience of taking it during a normal school day.


2. Participating in SAT School Day allows students who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program to qualify for an additional fee waiver in their 11th grade year and again in their 12th grade year, a $104.00 savings in future fees.  


3. A score of 380 or above on the combined English & Writing subtests (EBRW score) meets the reading requirement for graduation.  


4. A score of 420 or above on the math section meets the math requirement for graduation.


5. On SAT School Day, you will have the opportunity to send your scores to 4 universities for free.  

For these reasons and more all students of the junior class are urged to take advantage of this opportunity.