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McNab Elementary is a P3 Eco-Challenge Winner!!!

McNab Elementary School was runner up in the Awards for P3 Eco Challeng!! Read on for the description in the program. McNab was awarded $500 to further our environmental pursuit and campus beautification for the upcoming school year. 

McNab Elementary School students are busy planting, painting and monitoring the life cycle of Painted Ladies and Monarch Butterflies. All grade levels are participating in all areas of our campus beautification. First, students use their creativity to paint pots with each staff member’s name and place it along our main walkway. Then a variety of plants, including milkweed are planted in each pot and watered bi-weekly by the students. Secondly, students participated in a science experiment to see if natural milkweed or lab created food produced a higher survival rate in butterflies. All grade levels studied the butterfly life cycle and monitored it daily in our garden. All grade levels participated in a butterfly release event along with administration. Thirdly, 5th grade students participated in a service project to collect for our local humane society and took a field trip to deliver the good and see the impact in person. Finally, students participated in the Drop Savers water conversation poster contest while learning about water conservation at school and at home. 

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