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Farewell to All Our 5th Graduates

To our 2020 FOREVER 5th GRADE NHE Nuggets You are prepared to be successful, so believe in yourself and your goals. “Positive Thoughts and Positive Actions Will Yield Positive Results” Always be open and ready to be positive and make good choices! Always be that honest and kind person. Be grateful for what you have. You have the power to be happy! You ARE EQUIPPED with a GROWTH MINDSET You are smart! You must always work hard. No matter how hard it is, you can do it! Obstacles will help you to grow and learn! It is okay if you make mistakes. Always stand up for what you believe in. Like yourself for who you are and be your best self! Thank your parents and loved ones for their unconditional love! Love them and honor them unconditionally! All of the above reminders will prepare you to be successful and to make a difference in this world! I miss you NUGGETS, so come back and visit your forever house! I am proud of each one of you and look forward to hearing about all the exciting things that you will accomplish in making a difference in this world. Sincerely, David Suarez, Assistant Principal