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Message from Mr. Bullock - Principal

The start of the 2022-2023 school year has truly been amazing, it is like we never left for Summer Break.  All of our students too little or no time getting adjusted, it has been a pleasure welcoming everyone back. This year will be a very special school year because not only have we been recognized as an "A" rated school, but Flamingo Elementary is starting our 50th school year. You will be hearing more about our 50th anniversary celebration, as well as our fabulous A+ Carnival to celebrate our remarkable achievement in the coming weeks.


I also want to once again remind you that our "Open House" is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21 for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade; & Wednesday, September 28 for Grades 3rd - 5th Grade from 6:00 - 7:00 PM. Our parents, guardians, and students are all welcome to our Open House.



You may visit anytime during your designated grade level's time to meet your child's teacher, drop off school supplies, and become familiar with the location of your child's class. I HIGHLY recommend that you find the time to come to our Meet and Greet, as students feel so much more comfortable meeting their teacher and knowing where to go prior to the first day of school.  It is also critically important that we know the way that your child is dismissed prior to Tuesday afternoon.  Please know and understand that the visitation times must be strictly adhered to, so please do not come earlier or later than your scheduled time.  Teachers have a very busy schedule and will be working diligently to prepare for your child on Tuesday.  There will be an Open House and Academic Night in September which will allow you to spend more time, ask questions, and learn about classroom rules, procedures, and policies at that time.  More information is forthcoming regarding our evening Open House days and times.


We officially open our gates for arrival at 7:30 am, however we do open a few minutes before if all staff members are in place to ensure our students have plenty of time to eat breakfast and settle in before class starts at 8:00 am.  Dismissal is at 2:00 PM, however we dismiss a few minutes early if all classes are in place sooner.  If you arrive after 2:10 PM to pick up, you will need to do so in the front office and sign them out with your driver's license or government identification.  Parents will need to enroll their child in an afterschool program if you cannot arrive before 2:10 pm and are habitually late.  Teachers and staff have meetings and planning after dismissal and cannot perform these duties if they are waiting for their students to be picked up from school. I know that our safety process and procedures can be inconvenient at times, but we can never compromise our child's safety for the sake of convenience.  Our Flamingo Academy After-School Care is currently accepting applications for those who may need.  It is a quality program that offers a multitude of creative activities in a safe and fun environment, as well as offering a homework assistance program to ensure that students are given the time they need to complete it before they are picked up You can apply for your child to attend after-school care by going to: 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything that pertains to your child in the classroom, I ask that you reach out to your child's teacher directly as they are the ones that work with your child on a daily basis. Many issues and concerns can be easily addressed and solved with their help and support. If you have done that and you still have questions or concerns, our administrative team are always available to assist you in any way that we can.  Ms. Aroyo and I are always accessible during the school day at 754-323-5700, or you can email us at (insert e-mails).  Please use e-mail if it is after school hours so that we can respond even after the school day has ended.  Your child / children are our top priority, so please reach out to us if we can assist you and your family in any way.  I am very confident that with all of us working together, this will be our best school year ever!