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LEARN TO PLAY CHESS (2nd through 4th Grade)

Dear Oakridge Families,


You are looking for fun learning activities for your kids, and we have a solution. Our friends at First Move Chess are offering the online portion of their curriculum for free until August 1st, 2020.


First Move offers:

·        20 online chess lessons taught by The Chess Lady

·        Built-in activities (the computer knows the correct answers)

·        Assessment at the end of every lesson

·        Fun and engaging learning

·        An opportunity to develop a strong foundation of critical thinking skills


First Move was designed for 2-4 graders, but can be used with older kids, or younger ones (if an adult helps with reading).


To access First Move lessons:

·        Go to

·        Click LOG IN in the upper corner

·        Click REGISTER (under the SIGN IN button)

·        Fill in the boxes

o   The School/Site Name:  (enter your school name)

o   The District/Program Name: FIRST MOVE CHESS-BROWARD


·        Click REGISTER, you are signed up and ready to learn!


Each lesson takes about 20-30 minutes. Lessons 1-10 cover the basics of chess and target thinking skills like visualization, pattern recognition, thinking ahead, and analyzing.  Lessons 11-20 cover some chess tactics and special moves along with more thinking skills like logical reasoning, problem solving and decision making.


We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!


Your Proud Principal, 


Mr. Aguilar