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Register To Ride

All eligible students for transportation must “Register 2 Ride” (yes or no) for the upcoming 2022/23 school year.

For consistency, we have opened the easy registration page for ALL students eligible for transportation. Parents may register by logging in with their student's account on a cellphone, computer, or tablet via


By 6/15/2022 - Students are guaranteed a bus seat by 1st day of school

By 7/15/2022 - Students may not get a bus seat until the 2nd week of school

After 7/16/2022 - Students will be routed as expeditiously as possible


Once eligible students are routed, the bus stop location and time will be updated in Virtual Counselor.


Transportation registration processes for programs such as Exceptional Student Education, 504, Foster, Homeless, and Teen Parent have not changed and will continue with processes established through the individual schools.

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit

or call the customer service line at 754-321-4499 or