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PSE Newsletter - Volume/Quarter 3 - January 2021

Park Springs Elementary School 

Newsletter - Volume/Quarter 3

January 2021

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From the Desk of the Principal

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! We are excited for 2021 and all of the goodness that it will bring. We extend our warmest appreciation for the family support we have received thus far. The staff at Park Springs is excited to welcome back many learners to campus in the coming weeks. We also know that this pandemic continues to bring change for our students, staff and families. We understand that change can be difficult and we appreciate our family support as we continue to provide a high-quality educational experience amid much uncertainty.

Please reach out to either myself, or Ms. Hanson, with any questions that you may have.

Proud to be your Principal, Mrs. Policastro


Important Dates

January 18th- No School/Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 2nd- SAC/SAF Meeting @ 2PM via Teams

February 3rd- Report Cards Issued February 9th - Interim Reports Issued

February 15th-No School

February 18th-Early Release Day

March 2nd-SAC/SAF Meeting @ 2PM via Teams

March 18th-Early Release Day

March 19th-No School

March 22nd-26th-Spring Break


Parents interested in providing input into the performance evaluations of Park Springs’ instructional and/or administrative evaluations may contact our office at (754) 322-7750 by April 10, 2021.


News from Pre-K

The Pre-K Team at Park Springs is excited to introduce 'The Kindness Tree'. We, as a team, have decided to explicitly define what Kindness looks like and are ready to shine the light on what our students can do! We are also thrilled to have special read-a louds from under the Kindness Tree to make it a school-wide initiative! A special thank you to Mrs. Tufo who has volunteered to be our very first PSE celebrity reader! The idea is that each time a child demonstrates an act of kindness (sharing, taking turns, helping a friend, offering support, etc.) then their teacher will tape a ’Kindness Leaf' to the tree. As a child earns a leaf, the teacher will write a few words on the leaf briefly describing the act of kindness, along with their name, and place it on the tree. We all know how much pride children take in their efforts, so we think that seeing the tree displayed every day, and watching the tree grow with their very own special 'kindness leaves' will be an amazing experience! Of course, we will extend this to include the children who are virtual as parents report back and share their child’s act of kindness demonstrated at home and within their communities. All of the Pre-K kids who earn their leaves will be brought out to add them to the tree for a photo opp. and the picture will be emailed to the parent. A picture can be taken of the kids who are virtual when the teacher brings the laptop outside to the tree so the kids can see their leaf on the tree. Happy New Year!

Autism Spectrum Disorder Special Programs

We are excited to welcome back students for the 3rd quarter. Our special programs classes will remain hybrid for consistency for our students. If you need any resources or have any questions, please contact Ms. Greene at


Welcome back and Happy New Year! Teachers and staff are happy to have students join us at PSE in person for the 2nd semester. This quarter students will be learning all about how Matter changes and the 3 states of Matter. This will include weather and some fun activities with snow related stories. January and February provide a vast amount of historical knowledge with past heroes, presidents, U.S. symbols and holiday traditions. Later in the month students will begin learning about winter animals, Earth and space related information. In math, students will continue learning about numbers 11-100 and subtraction with addition review. 3rd quarter is a great time for celebrations such as Ground Hog’s Day, the 100th day of school, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day


First Grade

We truly hope all our families had a wonderful Winter Break and a very Happy New Year! As we embark on this next semester, we want to thank our families for their resilience, patience, and flexibility over the past several months. Whether your child’s mode of learning will be in the school setting or e-learning at home, we are all in this together as we make the necessary changes for this second semester. In language arts, we will continue to focus on phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension, as well as grammar and writing narratives and informative essays. Even though we have not been assigning homework, we do suggest that the children read with you for 20 minutes a day beyond the school day. In math, the children will be learning how to model numbers to 120, and comparing numbers, as well as two-digit addition and subtraction. In science, we will delve into the motion of objects, and forces and changes in motion. In social studies, we will cover history and government. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher.


Second Grade

We hope that all our families had a wonderful holiday break and enjoyed their time with family and friends. We are wishing all our second graders and their families a very happy New Year. As we embark on 2021, we will continue to have our second graders read more rigorous and complex text. We are working on strengthening their comprehension. As your children read at home, ask them questions that require thinking in addition to questions that can be found right in the text. In math, we will continue with double-digit subtraction and then move into triple-digit addition and subtraction. Applying those math skills to word problems is the key and understanding when to add and when to subtract based on the language and wording of the problem. Following this math skill, we will then move on to time and money. In social studies, we will study geography and in science, we will be working on rocks/soils and force and motion concepts. As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact your child's teacher.


Third Grade

What a great first half of the year! During the third quarter, we will take the i-Ready Reading Diagnostic #2 on January 19, 20, 21. We will take the i-Ready math diagnostic #2 on January 26, 27, 28. Please ensure your child completes the i-Ready diagnostic tests on their own, as this data is used to help determine each child’s strengths, as well as areas for growth. In addition, we will continue our informational and literature standards, strengthening our multiplication and division skills, and continue to ensure we are using textual evidence within our writing. Please continue to encourage your child to read each night for pleasure and practice their basic math facts daily. We are looking forward to an amazing third quarter


Fourth Grade

Wow, quarter 3 already! We know that quarter 3 has brought many changes to a lot of you, but please know that 4th grade has worked very closely to ensure a smooth transition for your child if they had to switch teachers/classrooms. In late January/ early February your child will be taking the second i-Ready diagnostic. This test is extremely important because it will show us your child’s growth since assessment one and will also show us what areas your child is having difficulties in. We will let you know the exact dates soon. Please encourage your child to do their best and to eat a nice healthy breakfast before the test. Also FSA writing has been scheduled for early April and FSA ELA is scheduled for early May. You will see a shift in third quarter as the curriculum becomes more rigorous. The best support you can give is to review your child’s Classkick’s with them and offer as much support and encouragement as possible. It takes a village, but we are in this together! As always reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions!

Fifth Grade

As we enter the third quarter, fifth grade is preparing for some exciting events. JA BizTown is moving virtual! Starting in February we will be immersing ourselves in the world of finance. Another exciting event that we are anticipating is GRADE with Officer Rincon. She has taken the time to prepare a wonderful curriculum for our students. As we continue to navigate through the 2020-2021 school year, we are happy to announce that we can continue many of our Fifth Grade traditions.


The books in the media center miss the students picking them, checking them out and taking them home to read. Now that Quarter 3 is here, students will be reviewing how to care for books and how to keep books safe. Students will be learning the elements of fairy tales, fables and biographies. The Park Springs Winter Book Fair will be coming soon in February. The “We Love Books” fair will take place the week before and during Valentine’s Day. We will do the Scholastic Book Fair online just as we did for the fall fair. Be on the lookout for more information on that very soon! We will also have another fundraiser which we have done in the past, the emails will be sent out to families for the chance to purchase items. This has been a very successful fundraiser in the past and we hope you will be able to participate this year. Also, note for students who still have media books from last school year, I ask that you please make the effort to return the books to Park Springs and/or pay for the book online in the e-store if you have lost it. Grade 5 students, it is very important for you to have cleared your accounts before leaving Park Springs and going on to middle school. If you have any questions about a book please do not hesitate to contact me at: Reminder: Reading Across Broward Forms went home earlier in the year. The forms can also be found in the media canvas course. If you are participating in the program this year, forms will be due April 7th. NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Happy New Year from the art room! Quarter 2 was ripe with collaboration and innovation as the student artists are learning from various spaces. I am amazed and grateful for the resiliency of our artists and commitment to making art. As we transition in 2021, all grades will focus on new beginnings and a fresh start. We will spend the first few weeks back reviewing color theory and some of the elements of art, line, value, shape, and form. This review will allow us to dive deeper into the artistic process in the 3rd quarter. Artists in all grades will also learn about motif; and we will explore motifs of good fortune and luck in our artwork. We will continue to learn how to talk about art and enjoy the creative process.


Individuals with disabilities requesting accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008, (ADAAA) may call Equal Educational Opportunities/ADA Compliance Department at 754-321-2150 or Teletype Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158.

The School Board of Broward County, Florida, prohibits any policy or procedure which results in discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. The School Board also provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Individuals who wish to file a discrimination and/or harassment complaint may call the Director, Equal Educational Opportunities/ADA Compliance Department & District’s Equity Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator at 754-321-2150 or Teletype Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158.