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New School Procedures

As of Monday, February 26th, no parent will be permitted in the building to walk tardy students to class or to drop off items to the classroom. Children will be picked up by peer messengers and items will need to be left at the security desk to be picked up by the teacher at a later time during the day. Please ensure that your child has what he/she may need before leaving the house in order to prevent needing to come to the school to drop anything off. Also, please make sure your child arrives to school on time. If your child arrives to school tardy, you will be asked to escort them into our front office and wait until a messanger from their class arrives for them.

Parents will no longer be allowed to eat lunch with their child at the bistro tables outside of the cafeteria, nor will outside food (McDonalds, Subway, etc) be allowed to be brought to the cafeteria. All students will eat in the cafeteria, using food brought from home in his/her lunchbox, or by purchasing from the cafeteria.

Birthday treats (doughnuts/cookies), will now be dropped off in the security office and picked up by the teacher to distribute either in the classroom or in the cafeteria. Parents will no longer be allowed to handout items out in the cafeteria on birthdays.

Classroom volunteers will be scheduled in advance. A schedule of volunteers will be given to the front office ahead of time and only those volunteers on those days will be permitted to the classroom-this includes our MTM and JA volunteers.

Please know that our goal is not to "keep you away." Our goal is to eliminate the flow of in and out, disruptions, and possible security issues. Your child is valued and loved here at PTE, as is the time you put in as parents to help our class and our school. Looking forward to happier times ahead. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us 754-322-7800.