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H.E.R.O. Student ID Scanning Policy

H.E.R.O. Student ID scanning policy:

In coordination with ID policy of Broward County Schools, Apollo Middle will now scan students into school using the HERO student ID system. Each morning students will be required to show their ID to be scanned, everyday of school. If your child participates in a before care program, he/she will also be required to scan the Student ID's to enter the building.

Parents please ensure that your child brings and wears their school ID everyday.  It is mandatory. The cost to replace lost or damaged student ID's is $2 dollars for the card and $1 dollar for a color coded lanyard. Students can purchase a replacement ID and lanyard, in the Media Center from 9-9:30 am during school-days.

Thank you for your assistance with your child's compliance of the Student ID policy and procedures.