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BCPS is Reimagining Middle Grades – A District Strategic Plan Initiative

BCPS is Reimagining Middle Grades – A District Strategic Plan Initiative

(Students from Ms. Davis' seventh grade advisory period (Crystal Lake Middle School) put their PAWS up to show that they "Participated Responsibly, Acted Kind, Worked Hard and Showed Respect". These students participate in social emotional learning with their teacher on a daily basis.)

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is committed to transforming the middle grades experience for students. In 2017/18, the District launched the Reimagining Middle Grades initiative, with a focus on project-based learning designed to improve attendance, reduce risk-taking behaviors and increase academic achievement.

BCPS is proud to partner with the Community Foundation of Broward (CFB) to change the way middle grade students learn and engage in school. The District is the recipient of the largest grant the Community Foundation has awarded, to date, to strengthen the School Is Cool grant, which now includes the Reimagining Middle Grades Initiative. Beginning with the 2018/19 school year, the CFB has provided the District with $3 million – $1 million a year for three years – and the District is matching the amount, bringing the total contribution to this initiative to $6 million. The partnership includes the following middle schools: Apollo, Attucks, Crystal Lake, Lauderdale Lakes, New Renaissance, New River, Nova, Parkway, Silver Lakes, and Sunrise. With funding from the CFB and the District’s matching funds, BCPS has hired additional personnel at the ten CFB schools, who focus on supporting students and strengthening relationships with the community. In addition, teachers at the CFB schools are also receiving professional development in the areas of project-based and social and emotional learning.

To learn more about how BCPS is reimagining the middle grades experience, check out the Reimagining Middle Grades newsletter, which is online at