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Testing Time Tips

test study


  1. Explain that the tests will show how much he/she has learned. Encourage them to try their best, but don’t put so much emphasis on the tests that they feel stressed.
  2. Practice the test format. For example, your child might have to read a paragraph and answer questions. Using one of their textbooks, have them look at the questions at the end of a section first and then read the passage. That will help them know what to read for and how to find the answers.
  3. Limit activities the night before tests. You may want to avoid having guests for dinner, or let your child skip their sibling’s afterschool sports if it means being out late. Be sure your youngster gets to bed on time and sets an alarm for the next morning so they are on time and ready for school to start when the first bell rings!
  4. On test day, give them an energy-boosting breakfast. Try to include both protein (eggs, yogurt, milk) and carbohydrates (fruit, oatmeal, toast) OR ensure that your child gets to school early enough to have a healthy breakfast.