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2019-2020 School Advisory Council (SAC) Positions Available

2019-2020 School Advisory Coucil (SAC) Positions Available

The role of the SAC is to facilitate the development & monitor progress of the SIP:

  • Each SAC shall actively participate in the preparation of the school’s annual budget and plan (F.S.C. 1001.452).
  • The SAC chairperson(s) shall sign the school budget when it is submitted for district budget preparation as an indication of SAC participation.
  • A portion of funds provided in the annual General Appropriations Act for use by school advisory councils must be used for implementing the school improvement plan.
  • SACs will operate using established administrative guidelines, as determined by the Superintendent.


If you're interested in joining our team, the following positions are available:

  • Parents representatives
  • Innovation Zone representative (must be a parent elected after SAC is formed)
  • SAF Chairperson (or designee – must be a parent)
  • ESOL representative (must be a parent of an ELL student)
  • ESE representative (must be a parent of an ESE student)
  • Gifted representative (must be a parent of a Gifted student)
  • Pre-K (parent or certified teacher)


Please contact the current SAC co-chairs, Angelina Moscatello ( and Deanna Ferello ( for more information and/or to submit your name for nomination.