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Student Schedules: Update


  • Schedules may be modified at the beginning of the school year to ensure we are adhering to the state-mandated class-size limits.
  • Due to a variety of logistical factors, students may not have received their priority elective(s). While our team does its very best to accommodate every student's course requests, it is not always possible. Schedule change requests for electives will not be reviewed until after class-size mandates have been fulfilled. It is at that time that all schedule requests will begin being vetted by our Guidance Department. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


Immunizations (7th Grade Requirement)

Prior to entering the 7th grade, all students must provide a Florida Certificate of Immunization (DH 680) stating that their immunizations are complete for 7th grade entry.  Please note that in addition to compliance with all other required immunizations, children entering the 7th grade in Florida schools must have received one dose of the tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) vaccine.

Your child may need additional immunizations and/or you may just need to turn in the updated DH 680 form.

You may request the form from your child’s physician’s office or visit a public health center.

 Please click here for free immunization opportunities available before the start of school.


School Dress Code

School uniforms are MANDATORY. To assist you with your preparation, please click here for order information.

School dress code is regulated by the guidelines set forth by the Broward County School Board, in the Student Code of Conduct.

Tops: Polo-style in SOLID white, orange, or ROYAL blue only

Bottoms: Docker-style pants, shorts/skirts (length must meet school board policy requirements) in the colors of black or khaki, only. **Please note BLUE is NOT an option** Not Permitted: Leggings/Tights, sweatpants/"joggers", sagging pants

Shoes: Closed-toe/heel shoes, ONLY. (No flip-flops, athletic slides, etc.)

Jackets/Sweatshirts: SOLID White, Orange, or ROYAL blue only - NO HOODIES


2019-2020 Code of Conduct

Parents and students, the Code of Student Conduct Handbook Goes Green! Parents are invited to review the Code of Student Conduct Handbook and complete the required forms by accessing the Back to School Forms link found on the Broward Schools' webpage at:

Please take a moment to thoroughly review the handbook with your child. To access the Code of Conduct online, please click here.